Peter Hansen
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Mit CV
Mit CV

Sales & Marketing Director
at Danfoss IXA A/S (Nov 2013 to present)

  • Globally responsible for Danfoss IXA' commercial issues, this includes:
    • Marketing - e.g. company profile, product launch, marketing materials and events
    • Sales - overall responsible for the company's total turnover 
    • Customer Project execution - overall responsible for the project implementation team  
  • Strategy and business development
    • Go-to market strategy
    • Pricing strategy
    • Service set up
  • Member of the company's top management team
    • Participation in Board of Directors meetings
    • Representing the company in external orgnizations (e.g. Danske Maritime and Danish Export Association)

Board Member
at Danish Marine Group, Danish Export Association (Oct 2014 to present)

Danish Export Association with 560 company members host a large number of networks within key industries representing manufacturers, consultants and service providers, making it an excellent platform for locating new business partners and suppliers.

As the fourth largest shipping nation in the world, Danish Marine Group is the shortcut to suppliers with a deep insight into the needs of shipowners, operators, shipyards and naval architects.
The Danish Marine Group gathers these suppliers as the largest and oldest cluster of its kind in Denmark, which has followed the industry through more than 30 years.
  • Strategy and activity guidance for the Danish Marine Group